Friday, January 23, 2009

My Childhood Memories

When I was a child, my parents used to go to the beach near our place. That's why I love beaches. We usually enjoy the cool,fresh breeze and wanted to swim in a blue, cold beach. There's a feeling of coolness when we stepped on the water, it's so cold, sometimes the water is green. We could see the fish swimming.

There were times that my nanay (that's how we call our mom)or tatay (our dad) would lie down in the sand and we would cover them with the sand. Just imagine, only their face were not covered. Because old ones believed that the sand of the sea were helpful and boost their health. So we always did that everytime we went to the beach.

That's one of my memories that is still fresh to my mind until now. We really had a lot of fun, sometimes we played in the water. After playing, we were very hungry, we ran to Nanay and ask something to eat. Often times, we ate "ibos" the delicacy of our place with our injan mango fruit, fresh from our tree planted by Tatay.

It's nice to remember and reminish the past.

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