Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Family Children

Going back home is not only a time of sorrow and pain but also a great reunion for us as a family. These are the children of my brother and sisters. After the burial of our niece, we took some pictures as a token. We all wear white believing that our niece is already in heaven with the Lord. A sad and a happy moment as well.
After taking some snacks, the children played around and took a pause, they had fun mingling with each other annd knowing each other more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Came Back

We just came back from the Phil. and I'm back to write some things that happened during our trip.
It's not so easy to travel as a family, a lot of tough times but we're able to manage by God's grace and blessings.

We travelled by plane and by bus. We're glad that we had a smooth way through although we travelled in the evening all along. Smooth in the sense that we passed by through immigration smoothly without any disturbance whatsoever. Unlike before, we had a hard time and the officers would always asked for money as a tip. We are blessed this time because the immigration officer was a lady and she just asked me where I was teaching. It's for the first time that we met a lady officer and very calm.

Travelling is not just as easy especially with a family. My youngest son had a cough and runny nose but we're safe in God's hands. We were blessed indeed!

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