Friday, July 24, 2009

Sky Watch 3

The sky is blue but not clear, it might be that the rain is coming and wanted to bless the farmers. These were the pictures that we've got when we visited Phuket for the first time this year. We also celebrated my birthday there with our friends. The place is cool, tourists are coming every now and then to feel the warmth of the place. It is near the seashore although quite small but it's one of the tourists' spots. We're also excited on our way going there.

However, many lost their loved ones when "tsunami" came and destroyed the place especially near the seashore. Others did some renovations and changed the place to make it attractive to people once again. Sad to say, we were not able to visit other places due to our hectic schedule. Hopefully next time, though.

More views with Sky Watch Friday.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 6

Another Watery Wednesday post today. I missed this meme for quite sometime and glad to be back once again. Last summer when we attended a seminar and renewed our passport in Bangkok, we had a chance to visit this place. Before coming inside the hotel we passed by this beautiful place. It's in the entrance of Suan Siam City Park. It's beautiful and everyone was amazed of the scenery. The locals are fond of coming to this place too because it's cool and cozy.

Please try to visit more sites and enjoy seeing the different views of today's meme.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing Moments

This is my kids' playing time. My 6-year old AJ loves to play all the time. He can play with himself or with others. He also love to eat and enjoy being with friends. He can play with anybody young and old alike. He also enjoys new discovery, drawing, writing or doing some exercises like running or jumping.

We've been to different places and met different kinds of people, AJ can mingle with them so easily. That's how he makes friends with others. When we were still new to Thailand, he was just 2 years old then but he took the attention of our new found friend. They liked him because AJ could play with them and enjoy going with them as long as their is something to eat. We are blessed with AJ, we can make friends so easily because of him.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Miracle Baby

I would like to write about my miracle baby. This is his journey.

Before our baby was born, I labored for 36 hours. I struggled a lot, having high fever, and was already chilling. It was my saddest moment but I was lifted up by the Lord through the prayers of our friends and relatives. The doctor who was also our friend, gave me 10 minutes, then right after that I would be undergoing an operation. I claim God's grace and power during that time. I was claiming God's anointing to be upon her and the baby.

After struggling for prayers, God miraculously answered our prayers. AJ was born with high fever too because he had already took some infections from me. Both of us stayed for few days in the hospital before going back home. Yet AJ stayed longer due to jaundice and fever. But he was able to survive and keep struggling for life. It's not so easy at first but we were able to manage. He had to undergo hep lock for a week while taking medicine like antibiotic. He has to take 3 vials for a day. But God is always faithful and true. He will never leave His children unattended nor his seed begging bread.

He was our Jehovah Jireh, our God who provides! And He proves who HE is to us! He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End! Glory be His name!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Cave Trip

Holidays are fun, sometimes. It's a 3-day holiday in Thailand. Many stayed at home and relaxed. It's good that we have friends around, they invited us to go with them in a cave. Maybe around 1 1/2 hours away form our place. They brought us to a solitary place. Then we divided into 2 groups because we can't go inside together. There is only one boat available and 6 persons are only allowed to get inside the boat. So we decided to stay.

When it's our turn to ride on a boat, we enjoyed at first. But when we get inside, whewww, it's so dark and gloomy. It's good that our guide brought a flashlight. We saw bats, (you could see in the picture) and we usually lie down while passing the way inside the cave because there were long and dangerous obstacles along the way. It's a kind of stone and very painful when it hits your body.

It was so dark inside the cave, I guess there's no way out. If you are trapped, you can't get out so easily. My hubby asked my friend about it. Then she said, one time is enough in going inside, I will not do it again, then I answered right away, me too, I won't get inside the cave again.

But I guess, archaeologist loved the place. It's so amazing!

After the cave adventure we went to a hotspring, maybe 30 meters away from the cave. There were a lot of monkeys because it's beside the mountain. There is also a green hotspring and all of us tried to wash our face with the hot water from the hotspring. It's so hot but when it touches your face, it's cool and we feel fresh.
It's nice to be there once in a while just to relax and enjoy the beauty of creation.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scenic Sunday # 6

Scenic Sunday

This is one of the places in the Phil. My friend just recently gave me this picture and I can't help but share this one to all of you. I'm glad to have friends anywhere. They are really a blessing. Do you like the picture? You can find more from other sites. Just click the meme above. Enjoy and have a great day.

An Award

When I joined the blogging industry a couple of months ago, I was wondering why people joined in any contest and won some awards. I wasn't sure how to do about it but then I tried and won some awards too lately. There's a feeling of involvement and fulfillment within me when I received some awards.

However, My Memories and Crystals and His Unfailing Love got some awards already. These are my blogs that I often used to write. And this blog is just for my Family Journey. It's nice to be a part of the blogging world. I have really learned a lot and gained friends too.

I do love making adventures with my family. We have been to different places with fantastic delicacies and great places. It's really worth it. We have seen how people behave, a different culture and tradition is being shared and exposed to our kids. Although this blog has not received any award yet but I enjoyed writing and sharing to anybody of our Family Adventure.

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