Monday, June 29, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday # 2

Mellow Yellow Monday meme is here again. The host is so fantastic in making this meme. We can find a lot of yellow flowers anywhere and it's all great. Wherever we go my hubby is taking pictures,lol! Not only that, when he saw something yellow, hahaha! He would easily tell me, there's another yellow!!! See, my hubby was already attached to it. It's fun! I love it!
Last time, we went to do some exercises early morning. Just imagine running while taking pictures! We enjoy doing it and it's fun! Just click the link above and you will be surprised of the yello mellow posts.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Toy Hunt # 1

I found this meme from When Mom Talks. It's fun and enjoyable. My 6-year old had a lot of toys. Some were left in the Phil. but we still have here for him to enjoy. These are some of his toys.

We got this one from one of the beaches. We usually go to the beach and relax for an hour or two. My hubby and AJ would go around and look for some things to enjoy. There were people who sold different kinds of things made of clay for children or even adults to paint. They will provide for everything you need like:

* paint brush

* coloring

* and you can choose what kind of design you like

The prices are reasonable, it's quite cheap and you will really enjoy painting. This was done by AJ with the help of hubby. It's good because he used it to keep or save his penny.

You can visit When Mom Talks and enjoy the different toy hunters.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Sweetie

I cant sleep tonight without posting this slideshow for my sweetie, the man of the house and the father of my kids. Here in Thailand, Father's Day is celebrated in Dec. on the king's birthday. However, I would like to post one for my sweetie and other hubby's around the globe celebrating the same date.

Fathers are great men that we would be proud of. My Tatay (father) is still in his 70's now and I'm glad that they are still living together with my Nanay. Without them we are not here in this earth. I would like to say Happy Father's Day to Tatay, to my dearest, and to all the fathers. Your presence are always treasured in the family.

I remember my Tatay when I was still small. We could not sleep unless we finished our family altar - reading the WORD and pray as a family. And through that, I believe we were blessed and we stick together through the ups and downs of life.

That's why at this very day, I would like to lift up all fathers around the globe. You had made a difference in making the earth worth living for. You are worth... for your own family, for the community, country and the whole earth. You are a blessing!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scenic Sunday # 5

Scenic Sunday

It's great to see the wonders of the world, and one of which is to see the beauty of nature. I love nature especially with green. It denotes life which comes from the Almighty. We've been to these places few months ago, and I can't help but share it.

Try to visit more and enjoy seeing the beauty of creation with Scenic Sunday.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Food Trip Friday # 1

These are the typical Thai food, These are all deep fry and delicious.
What makes it delicious was their sauce that is so tasty yet spicy.
Food trip Friday is something that's so amazing, because you will
really see different kinds of food around the globe.
Try to visit and enjoy the yummy food.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 5

Watery Wednesday once again, glad to be back here.
I love this cool meme.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yummy Sunday # 3

This is another Thai food. You can choose whatever food you like,
they will provide a steam boat in order for you to cook;
the sauce, meat, vegies, fruits, dessert, ice cream and everything
you need for eating is there.
Here in our place it is known as Mokata (eat all you can).
You will really enjoy if you are eating more.
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Scenic Sunday # 4

Scenic Sunday

I took this photo in a park here in Thailand. You will really enjoy visiting other places and countries with different fascinating views.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camera Critters # 3

Camera Critters

Can you imagine this mama monkey carrying its baby? We visited another place in Songkhla province and we saw a lot of monkeys around. However, this one caught our attention so I took a picture of it.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Skywatch Friday 2

It's a cloudy day, a day to enjoy the beauty of the clouds. Clouds has its own beauty to enjoy. More Skywatch posts? Just visit the link.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 4

My sister's children are blessed with a lot of opportunities to enjoy. One of the things that they love to do is to swim either in a swimming pool or a beach resort. My sister shared this picture in one of the lakes there in the Phil. It looks cool and it seems that everybody loves to swim.
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First Day of School

Today is AJ's first day of school in Thailand. For the past few months we were thinking and praying for another avenue for him to learn considering that he has no extra activities after his homeschool. We are still waiting for their homeschool materials, so we thought while waiting they have to do something.
He slept early last night and woke early this morning. He was quite anxious and upset especially the Mama but everything was fine. He has no friends to play with early morning when we send him to school and when say goodbye, he was quite teary-eyed. We're happy that at least hes doing well when I visited him before lunch time. I just hope that he could adjust so easily and will enjoy other's company with a different culture, tradition and beliefs. It's not so easy but we have to accept it and pray for it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday # 1

How I love this meme. This is my first time to join in this blog and find it interesting. Whereever I go with my hubby, he would tell me, Mom here's another yellow, lol, I was just laughing at the top of my voice. I never thought of pushing him but he was just carried away of my hobby these days.
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Hope you will enjoy surfing all the yellow posts.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today's Flowers # 3


Today's flowers once again. Flowers are great and gives color to life.

Flowers are everywhere around the globe.

Visit more beautiful flowers here. And have fun.

Yummy Sunday # 2

Yummy Sunday once again, and you will be surprised how other people from different countries ate different food. Just move on and click Yummy Sunday logo and you will be led to yummy and delicious food or dessert from different countries around the globe.

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

My shared this picture from their place. It's in Mayanmar and Thailand border. I guess, this is a nice and cool place to relax.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

To Have an Increased PageRank

To have a higher pagerank is something that most of the bloggers are looking for and that includes me. I had been searching in google for quite sometime. Recently, I had already checked my pagerank in google and it didn't raised to a higher level. I was really hoping that someday somehow I could look for a site to help me in this regard. Most paying sites didn't bother to give me a try in writing because of my lowest pagerank.

And as I checked today, I found this site. It can help increase your PageRank by just linking to the site. It is an experiment done by SEO. And for those who want to be counted, try clicking the logo below and linked to the site, you will really enjoy this one. So try now.

Increase your PageRank

Camera Critters # 2

Camera Critters

Buffaloes are common animals in Thailand. But we hadn't seen cows here. This kind of animal is exposed on the roads or anywhere where people are passing. But we have seen the Land of Buffaloes in the middle of the lake on time. We were shocked that they stayed there all alone. We saw a lot of them, and a local told us that they need to stay there to survive.

Some male buffaloes were trained to fight with their kind here in the south. The locals loved to see the animals fighting. It's their culture. We had also saw a singing bird contest. Maybe sometime we will try to see this event and let you see some pictures. We're not sure how they rate or give points to the singing birds. But there's always winners. You could see birds anywhere especially near the department store.

Camera Critters are really enjoyable especially if you love animals. Try to visit and join if you have time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I just joined Wordless Wednesday. Thanks for this meme.

Watery Wednesday # 3

Watery Wednesday is here again. Glad to be back here. I took this picture at Suan Siam in Bangkok with my sweetie and our 6-year old AJ looking at the school of fish. They were feeding the huge fish and small ones too. They love doing it.
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