Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kids' Camp

We had Kids' English Camp last March in our center. We're glad having this opportunity to be a blessing to these children through teaching English. We had lots of fun.

We had also shared to them different stories and I was so happy looking at them while listening to the stories.

These are some of their crafts. They had a lot of crafts. Everyday, we let them make one and they enjoyed doing it.

My sweetie was the one responsible for the crafts. He had sleepless nights just to think and search for these crafts to be shared to the students. He liked it.

The School of Fish

Last Friday we went to a cooler place because we can't bear the heat inside our house. We decided to go to Suansat, a cool garden park where you could find different kinds of fish. I always call it a school of fish, small and big fish alike. We always wonder why the bigger ones won't eat the smaller ones. A lot of people are coming here to feed the fish believing that if they feed them, they have gained merits in the next life.

Can you imagine these kinds of fish fighting just to eat the bread or anything that we are throwing? They really love to eat.
And the locals won't get - not even one fish to catch. So the fish are becoming bigger each day.
This is the biggest one that we saw in that park.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dine Out

A friend of ours visited us last time and he brought us to the restaurant that is new to us. The place was cool and cozy especially in the evening. We cooked our own food and enjoy cooking while talking and sharing something. It's really a nice place for people who wanted to talk while doing something.

We love the place especially my kids. It's a safe place for them and somewhat like quite expensive when you see the place. But the food is delicious and with a reasonable price. There was also a swing for children to play while waiting for the parents to be done.

One thing we have noticed during the time when we ordered our food, they wrote it in a phone but quite bigger than a cellphone then send the order to the chef. I think it's an i-pod, because the place is quite big and the waiters will become weary and tired so easily when they go back and forth to the kitchen. That sounds great having that kind of gadget.
We ate a lot that night, but I don't like it much because I'm becoming bigger each day. Anyway, I'm on my way of doing another diet, lol!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Filipinos in Thailand

When we went to Bangkok few weeks ago, we came to visit this church. It's quite far from the main road but the space is quite big. We met Filipinos in that church and my sweetie had some fun being with them. It's nice to have friends anywhere.
I took this picture because they had just finished their English Camp. This is their promotion with the name of the church.

We were also get acquainted with some locals in the area and they were friendly like us, huh! They are also fun to be with and we enjoy their company. Nice people and friendly too.

Blessings to all and see you again next time!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Trip to another Province

Yesterday we went to another province, it is known as Nakhon Si Thammarat. Many called it the "Place of Silver." A lot of people are coming to this place to buy 99% silver at a cheaper price, and of course to make money out of this silver.

However, we didn't come to buy silver but to hold an English Camp with the locals. We just started today and we're surprised that most of the children could easily understand the English language. Although they need to learn more but they could easily grasp what were talking about.

By the way, if we travel to the city to buy silver, it will take us an hour to reach the place. So our friend who brought us here was not sure whether we can pass by that place sometime later. We were here in the mountainside where trains are passing. It's not so big but many people and vendors could be found anywhere.

But I'm really glad to know that fruits are quite cheap, more cheaper than our city. So I really enjoy eating especially mangoes and other fruits. I decided to do some diet this week, so it's timely that I could a lot of fruits here at a cheaper price.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scenic Sunday # 1

Scenic Sunday
This is my first time to join Scenic Sunday in this blog. Thank you Aisha for hosting Scenic Sunday.

A friend of mine gave this picture last week, when we met in Bangkok. A nice scene and I like it. I think, these are the houses of the people living in the border of Thailand and Mayanmar.

More Scenic Sunday photos here.

Children's Playground

AJ was making a slide with other children.

Everytime we went to Asian Trade, my 6-year old would like always play in the children's playground. Asian Trade is a place where we could buy cheaper things like clothes, shoes or anything you need. You just name it, they have it.

Children loved to play in this playing ground. They loved to jump, hop, slide, or even run in the big foam. It's a nice adventure for kids.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Malaysia Visit

Few years back we were in Malaysia visiting some friends. We visited them and dine with them. We went together with some friends from Thailand. It was a great experience for us. It's nice to have friends around.

We were taking a pose with some friends.

Em2 was still 11 years old.

AJ with Papa when he was 3, we were riding in a car.

An Enjoyable Moment

It was the happiest moment for our kids to go to this place - our family adventure. They call this place "Thale Noi." A very huge lake which took us more than an hour to travel by boat.

We stop in the middle of the lake just to relax and eat before we proceeded to travel again. It's a nice and relaxing place. We only heard the sound of different wild birds.

We could hardly manage in taking pictures because we wanted to take pictures of all the wild birds. It's so awesome!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Safe Travel

Yesterday was our trip back to Hatyai. We came to the Train Station around 1:30pm even though the train will leave at 3:15pm, because we are not sure of the place. A day before we decided to come early to the place called "Bangsue Station."

We took a taxi going to Bangsue Station and to our surprise, the place was sooooo hot! No malls around except for the 7-11 store. We went to 7-11 for a lot of times just to apeace our thirst. It was the hotest place we've ever known. Nevertheless, we had ample time to take more pictures to share too.

The train came at 3:20pm, at last, we were on the train. And we reach Hatyai the next day. We slept, ate and laughed inside the train. We had a good time although there were people that were not so friendly and skeptical toward foreigners like us but we were able to manage.

Thank God we had a safe travel, my sweetie had sleepless night because it's first time for us to travel by train. But everything was fine.

The sun setting down - I took this picture inside the train.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Suan Siam Park Adventure

We just take a pose with my son AJ in Suan Siam Park.
This is the entrance of Suan Siam Park.
Our adventure to this park was great. We went with our friends and others whom we first met in the park. The park is so nice and cozy especially if you get inside.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip to Genting Highlands

We went to Genting Highlands few years ago. It's a great experience we have had especially the cable car ride.
The ride going down is fantastic, allowing us to soar over the forest.
Enjoying breakfast at the hotel.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Adventure in the Big City

We went to Bangkok to attend a retreat and to renew our passport. Unfortunately, we stayed longer due to an extended holiday.
But we were blessed with friends, so they encouraged us to roam around the huge city of Bangkok. We went to different places and travelled a lot. Our new found friends just told us what kind of transport do we need to take so that we will not be lost. It's nice and fun!

Beautiful Scenes

Beautiful scenes from Suan Siam City Bangkok. A great adventure.


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