Monday, November 30, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday


My friend is one of the singers here. When we were studying in the university, we were one of the Glee Club members in the school and we're singing inside and outside the campus. That's where my hubby found me. I will be sharing more next time, hehe!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yummy Sunday - Sky Buffet

This month of November is a big month for us, why? Because we were invited to eat here in this Sky Buffet. It's located on the 33rd floor of Lee Garden's Plaza here in Thailand. You can see the city if you were in this place. It's an Eat-all-you can restaurant - from the main dish to the dessert, drinks like tea or coffee and ice cream as well. A lot of times I destroyed my diet because of this Sky Buffet. Anyhow, my family loved the place and we enjoyed eating a lot.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fruits that We Love Most

Fruits are good for health. Every time I'm sick I ate a lot of it. We enjoyed buying kilos of fruits. You can get a lot of vitamins and minerals. Wanna try some? Fruits here in Thailand are quite cheap and fresh. So we enjoy every bit of it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Watery Wednesday

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Word-Filled Wednesday

It's been raining hard for few days here in our place. Rivers were flooding and the dam upstream is on the verge of overflowing. People were scared and preparing for the flood to come. The government issued a flood warning and schools were closed. Praise God! The rain stopped yesterday and the water receded. Though the weather seems to be erratic, it's still a wonderful day.

In Job it says,

"For He draws up drops of water, which distill as rain from the mist, which the clouds drop down and pour abundantly on man.

Indeed , can anyone understand, the spreading of clouds, the thunder from His canopy?" Job 36: 27-29

God is still in control, He answers the prayer of His people. More posts with Susan.

Another Site to Earn while Blogging

I started blogging last December and I will be celebrating my first blogversary next month. Since then I was longing to earn while writing some posts. When I started blogging, I enjoyed every bit of it, my writing skill was developed and I enjoy posting and shared it to my friends here in the blogosphere. I'm glad I've found this site. It is known as LinkFromBlog for bloggers and advertisers as well. Since I'm a blogger I search for a site like this. It's good that I have found this one.

This site will give extra bonus or a gift if you join - that sounds good. The more friends you invite to join the more gifts you will receive. They provide something for bloggers to earn extra income while writing honest posts or even buy blog links they can provide for you. Try this out and share it to your friends too. You can earn by just sharing and letting them to join. Here's the link:

Paid reviews

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Version of Payperpost

Blogging has been a part of me. Since I started it last year I kept on writing something that made me enjoy. Then I discovered many things while writing different posts. I learned to love writing anything under the sun. What I mean is that, I can write anything and makes me feel good. And through writing, I met many friends especially those who have Jesus in their hearts. I get more excited to know them.

I joined payperpost in summer but failed to get opportunities and besides, I was still groping in the dark of what to do and how to make posts and earn from it. Gradually, I have learned through the help of some friends here in the bloggimg world. And at last, I got an opportunity lately. My excitement continues when I received an email telling me that my post is approved. Wow, I can't tell you more how excited I was and I checked from time to time some available opportunities here at payperpost.

Yesterday, I received an email from this site that there will be some changes that will occur on Friday this week. They are going to emerge and become one site. The payperpost v3, payperpost v4, and socialspark will join together. This sounds great, many opportunities will be available I guess. Now, I'm getting more excited, lol!

an euphonious keeps you smart

Word-Filled Wednesday

Genesis 1: 9

And God said,
"Let the water under the sky
be gathered to one place
and let the dry ground appear."
And it was so...

Sharing different verses are great. It's a reminder that our God is great and He is in control over all no matter what people do. More powerful words at Word-Filled Wednesday with Critty Joy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday


Just sharing some beauties here. Are they beautiful? Hope you all agree. But beauty is still in the eyes of the beholder, I guess. It's good if we have beauty inside out, right? Enjoy joining us with Mellow Yellow Monday.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yummy Sunday

Here's my Yummy Sunday post for this week.
It's spicy but delicious.
Wanna try some? lol!
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Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday is up again.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday


Mellow Yellow Monday is here, it's fun to join and share
what you have taken for your photos.
Come and join us -
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yummy Sunday

I cooked chicken legs the other day because my teenager was asking for chicken ... chicken... please! So I decided to make some for them. They were so excited while waiting for it especially my 6-year old. Then we ate together and enjoyed our dinner. We usually eat fish with vegetables or fruits, their Mama is vegetarian, huh! But many times they will ask for more chicken or meat.

Anyway, this is my post for this week's Yummy Sunday. More posts with Boogie in Perfectly Blended.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My PR -- Higher Pagerank

Since I started blogging I wonder what a PR means. I have the desire to earn while blogging but I find it hard because most of the advertisers are concerned of a pagerank. Now I know what PR is all about. It is known as pagerank. Many bloggers I guess, have the desire to be counted - to have a higher pagerank to earn more.

Of course I have the desire, but I kept on blogging and it didn't stop me, although I had 0 pagerank in all my blogs. Then few weeks ago I discovered that my first blog had 1 pagerank. I was a bit happy because my blog was upgraded a bit. So I continued to blog and search for more. Last night while I was writing my post to join Word-Filled Wednesday, I was a bit amazed when I saw my pagerank. It's not only 1, it's from 0 to 2. I was happy to see it and to know that my blog was upgraded to a higher level. Most of my friends and commenters here are from different countries. I really thank all of you friends for visiting my blogs often. It's really a privilege to know all of you too. Each of us has different activities daily but we have something in common, being one in the blogging world.

Thanks for all your visits. Blessings to all of you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Watery Wednesday

Waters are everywhere. In any country waters could be found, either in seas, rivers, ocean, lakes and the like. It gives life to mankind and refreshes our body.

You can find a lot of Watery Wednesday posts here. Try to join and be filled with water.

Monday, November 2, 2009

AJ's Designs and Creativity

My 6-year old is fond of making designs out of clay. He can make a tiger, small and big elephant, or anything. When he asked me what I wanted him to make, he will do it as long as he is in good mood, huh! I also need to be creative in saying something or less he won't do it. I guess, most of Moms will agree about our kids. There are times that we need to be patient and loving towards them. Children are like that. They changes for a moment and the next few minutes they are okay. I love my boy. I can show you the pictures of how he did it. He's really creative. He can also draw everything he thought of. He loves to draw anything.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today's Flowers

I have learned to love yellow flowers. It's so cool and beautiful. You can find it here in Thailand. They have flowers everywhere. More flowers here. Check it out and enjoy.

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