Friday, January 23, 2009

My Childhood Memories

When I was a child, my parents used to go to the beach near our place. That's why I love beaches. We usually enjoy the cool,fresh breeze and wanted to swim in a blue, cold beach. There's a feeling of coolness when we stepped on the water, it's so cold, sometimes the water is green. We could see the fish swimming.

There were times that my nanay (that's how we call our mom)or tatay (our dad) would lie down in the sand and we would cover them with the sand. Just imagine, only their face were not covered. Because old ones believed that the sand of the sea were helpful and boost their health. So we always did that everytime we went to the beach.

That's one of my memories that is still fresh to my mind until now. We really had a lot of fun, sometimes we played in the water. After playing, we were very hungry, we ran to Nanay and ask something to eat. Often times, we ate "ibos" the delicacy of our place with our injan mango fruit, fresh from our tree planted by Tatay.

It's nice to remember and reminish the past.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Giving Birth experience

Giving birth is not as easy. It takes a willing heart and desire to have a baby. Taking care of the baby in the womb is amazing yet fulfilling.

I had been through this experience when I gave birth to our second son. As what I have said, it's not easy, my bag of water had already burst and I was induced twice and was at the labor room for 36 hours. I was chilling and had a high fever. Then after those awaited nights that I was struggling, my doctor told me that I need to prepare, within 10 minutes, they will prepare and I will be undergoing an operation. Amazingly, AJ came out within 8 minutes. That's why we call him a "Miracle Baby." Even my doctor was amazed but we honestly say, it is the Lord's. He knows the best.

When AJ came out, he had high fever too, so he was given an antibiotic for his one week medication. Then he survived! Amazing, right?

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Believe in Miracles

I had many stories about miracles, and I, for one had experienced it. When I was 28 years old I gave birth to our eldest son, Em-em, after few weeks, my brother-in-law saw a big lump at the back of my knees. And he immediately told me and my sister. I don't know what to do at first, but when our mother saw it, everyone in my family was anxious.

The next week, they ask me to see the doctor for check up, I was apprehended at first because we don't have that much to pay. I was just gave birth and it seems that everything we need to spend must be in our budget. And visiting a doctor was not included. But it's good that we have a bluecross health insurance, it waas helpful.

I used it, then my sweetie accompanied me and we found an old physician capable to check my lump. We came inside his clinic, I told him of the case and when he saw the lump, he immediately told me that I need to be operated. I was shocked and I told him if it's okay for him we will go home first and do what we can to prepare for the operation, then he agreed. But deep in my mind, I was asking the Lord to do a miracle. The next day we went back to the doctor but I was not feeling well due to nausea and cough. Then he told me that I need to rest first because I was not physically fit, after a week, he said I will come back and he gave me some medications. I was so happy then.

The next week we (me and my sweetie,that's how I call my hubby) attended a conference and there we experienced refreshing of our soul. And on the last day, I was pleading to the Lord and asking HIM again and again for healing.

Amazingly, I discovered that the lump was becoming smaller each day after the conference and gradually it was gone, and we did not go back to my doctor anymore. Maybe my doctor was wondering why I was lost and was found no more, was disappeared for a long time until now.

God can still do miracles even to this day. We just need to trust in His love and care! Hope you will ponder upon it and seek His help. Blessings to all of you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Music Teacher ...

Last time I shared about my experience as a music teacher. Many things I did that my Creator allowed me to excel. There was a time that I was asked to pray and sing in one of the school programs. And even during Asian Competitions or other school-related activities, my principal would ask me to sing and pray, though my principal and dept. head are catholics. They are still asking me to pray, sing and bless the activity before the start of any program.

There were also times that I sang in some of the wedding ceremonies or parties and had trained children and youth choir in different churches. I love and enjoy doing it. It's great!

The Lord has been so good to me and my family that time and until now, He is still blessing us. But life will not be as good as always, there were also times of depressing and trials that may come along the way. And life will always be like that. Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down.

I had also experienced tough times and hard times in school. But it makes me a better person and helps me to move on and I have also learned to do the best that I can and live a life for God's glory. He will always be there if we depend on Him and trust in His love and care.

I had been there teaching for 9 years and departed for another work outside the Phil. with my family. It's a challenging one. But we fully depend on the One who called us.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Music Teacher

As what I have shared last time, I love music though I don't have a degree in music yet I was trained to do it and was able to use it to train and help others too in my own simple way.

A decade back I was chosen and hired as a music teacher in one of the known schools in Bacolod, that was our city in the Phil. Others won't agree but because I had the skills, the head of the department and the principal made me qualified to do the job because I'm an Education graduate so that settles it!

I had also given an opportunity to train gymnasts because they wanted to prove something that I can do it. By His grace, for the first time in our school that we went to a higher level of competition though I'm not capable of doing it. I just challenged my gymnasts and that's it, they won! Would you believe that! For me, I find it awkward to be their coach but because it was given to me, I have to do it! They won because of positive words and encouragement that I shared to them everyday.

I was also given a chance to train and coach lawn tennis players. Again, that was not my forte and I don't even know how to play but again, words of encouragement gave life to the players, so they won again. Amazing, right?

Anyway, that was part of my life as a music teacher. To be continued....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Privilege to be used

Last year I had the privilege to share my God-given talent to some churches in the Phil. I was asked to train a 100-voice choir for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of a Bible Institute. It was just small but many people in the mountains were being ministered to.

I went to different places and trained those who are willing to join and by His Great Help everything was done. The final presentation was held in the school near the church but only 80 voices joined the said event.

Many were blessed by the testimonies and activities were done for 2 days. Everyone enjoyed and have fun because right after the presentation and the Thanksgiving celebration there were prizes at stake. So everyone has something to bring home.

Thank you Lord for that blessed opportunity to minister to people especially those living in the mountains...

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Blessed New Year

New Year is something that most of us are excited to gather. It's a great celebration with a new perspective in life under God's sovereignty. It's a time of laughter, tears, joys, all mixed feelings being expressed.

Thank God for this year. Another year to behold the greatness of God. A memory that always linger in our hearts and minds. A memory that lasts a lifetime. Great is the Lord!

We don't have enough things done this new year because we are in a foreign land. So we just stayed in our house and do some stuff and rested. We met friends for few hours and then went home. That was a quiet new year, few cars are passing down the streets and few stores are open. It seems that everybody is staying at home and relaxed.

Only one thing is sure for us, God is in control and He takes care of us! He is good and faithful all throughout the past years and the years ahead!

A Blessed New Year to all!

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