Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing Moments

This is my kids' playing time. My 6-year old AJ loves to play all the time. He can play with himself or with others. He also love to eat and enjoy being with friends. He can play with anybody young and old alike. He also enjoys new discovery, drawing, writing or doing some exercises like running or jumping.

We've been to different places and met different kinds of people, AJ can mingle with them so easily. That's how he makes friends with others. When we were still new to Thailand, he was just 2 years old then but he took the attention of our new found friend. They liked him because AJ could play with them and enjoy going with them as long as their is something to eat. We are blessed with AJ, we can make friends so easily because of him.

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Family Best said...

What lovely photos they look so happy!

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