Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Valentine

Valentine's Day was indeed a busy day for us as a family. We had friends here and there. We ate different kinds of food. We met friends and some blogger friends as well. Our kids gathered and played together. There was a lot of fun and fellowship. Although I was thinking of my blogging, I still don't have time to spare. Everybody was busy going to and fro doing many things.

Friends visited us from a neighboring country and spend time with us. We ate different dishes, tasted different delicacies and visited other friends around as well. Until last night we still talked to some friends and enjoyed the fun and the fellowship. We even joined together for our worship, we were blessed and joyful seeing some friends gathered to have a cause, to give God the glory. A great gathering indeed!

To all my blogging friends, Belated Happy Heart's Day. Sorry I wasn't able to visit. I will try to visit soon.

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