Sunday, December 14, 2008

Border Trip

Today marks our first month here in Hatyai since we came back. Indeed, it's an unforgettable day for us as a family. We woke up early morning to go for our border run hoping that there will be no "Traffic Jam." But it was different from what we expected.Another thing is, my sweetie will be driving a car for the first time with our friend going with us. We prayed before going and asked the Lord for His protection. Can you imagine? Since we left until we reach the border, my hands was so cold. I told my hubby and he was laughing at me. Huh!When we're about to reach the other border, there were a lot of people falling in line and waiting for their time to see the officer, it was our first time to see a lot of people in that border! Even the motorcycle driver was shocked seeing all these people. We're almost done, then we checked our passport and we're shocked again, when we saw our next border run. They only gave us 15 days for the first time again instead of 1 month. Yew! It's really unforgettable, right?Anyway, it was already gone, tomorrow is another day! Have a nice day...

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