Friday, January 2, 2009

A Blessed New Year

New Year is something that most of us are excited to gather. It's a great celebration with a new perspective in life under God's sovereignty. It's a time of laughter, tears, joys, all mixed feelings being expressed.

Thank God for this year. Another year to behold the greatness of God. A memory that always linger in our hearts and minds. A memory that lasts a lifetime. Great is the Lord!

We don't have enough things done this new year because we are in a foreign land. So we just stayed in our house and do some stuff and rested. We met friends for few hours and then went home. That was a quiet new year, few cars are passing down the streets and few stores are open. It seems that everybody is staying at home and relaxed.

Only one thing is sure for us, God is in control and He takes care of us! He is good and faithful all throughout the past years and the years ahead!

A Blessed New Year to all!

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