Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yummy Sunday

Yummy Sunday is up again but I'm posting late at night. Anyways, better late than never, right?
We were invited by a friend the other day and we're blessed because it's our first time to eat in Sizzlers' Restaurant. We didn't know what to order - so our friend helped us to choose what kind of food we are going to order (na masarap) lol!

However, my eldest son Em2 wanted to try this kind of T-Bone, he hadn't tried this so he chose it. Quite expensive but because it's first time for him to eat - our friend allowed him to order. We were also curious of what a T-bone looked like, lol! So funny, hahaha! it looks like this! Imagine! You're paying just for the letter T in the bone of a meat or pork? We all laughed and sighed! But that's it, an expensive T-bone meat. But it's worth it because all the salads and everything was there for free! It's delicious and it's worth it!....

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Perfectly Blended said...

Even though it's expensive but at least you have tried to have a taste of it. Hope I can try that one too!

nanay said...

lol! nag enjoy gyud c Em2 ug eat.

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