Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Version of Payperpost

Blogging has been a part of me. Since I started it last year I kept on writing something that made me enjoy. Then I discovered many things while writing different posts. I learned to love writing anything under the sun. What I mean is that, I can write anything and makes me feel good. And through writing, I met many friends especially those who have Jesus in their hearts. I get more excited to know them.

I joined payperpost in summer but failed to get opportunities and besides, I was still groping in the dark of what to do and how to make posts and earn from it. Gradually, I have learned through the help of some friends here in the bloggimg world. And at last, I got an opportunity lately. My excitement continues when I received an email telling me that my post is approved. Wow, I can't tell you more how excited I was and I checked from time to time some available opportunities here at payperpost.

Yesterday, I received an email from this site that there will be some changes that will occur on Friday this week. They are going to emerge and become one site. The payperpost v3, payperpost v4, and socialspark will join together. This sounds great, many opportunities will be available I guess. Now, I'm getting more excited, lol!

an euphonious keeps you smart


Rocky Garcia said...

The new surface of Payperpost is awesome.

Manang Kim said...

Happy Monday to you! TC!

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