Thursday, November 5, 2009

My PR -- Higher Pagerank

Since I started blogging I wonder what a PR means. I have the desire to earn while blogging but I find it hard because most of the advertisers are concerned of a pagerank. Now I know what PR is all about. It is known as pagerank. Many bloggers I guess, have the desire to be counted - to have a higher pagerank to earn more.

Of course I have the desire, but I kept on blogging and it didn't stop me, although I had 0 pagerank in all my blogs. Then few weeks ago I discovered that my first blog had 1 pagerank. I was a bit happy because my blog was upgraded a bit. So I continued to blog and search for more. Last night while I was writing my post to join Word-Filled Wednesday, I was a bit amazed when I saw my pagerank. It's not only 1, it's from 0 to 2. I was happy to see it and to know that my blog was upgraded to a higher level. Most of my friends and commenters here are from different countries. I really thank all of you friends for visiting my blogs often. It's really a privilege to know all of you too. Each of us has different activities daily but we have something in common, being one in the blogging world.

Thanks for all your visits. Blessings to all of you!


Samantha said...

Blessings to you dear friend !

Alice Audrey said...

Where do you find your page rank?

nanay said...

Congrats Sar! I am happy for you.

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