Monday, November 2, 2009

AJ's Designs and Creativity

My 6-year old is fond of making designs out of clay. He can make a tiger, small and big elephant, or anything. When he asked me what I wanted him to make, he will do it as long as he is in good mood, huh! I also need to be creative in saying something or less he won't do it. I guess, most of Moms will agree about our kids. There are times that we need to be patient and loving towards them. Children are like that. They changes for a moment and the next few minutes they are okay. I love my boy. I can show you the pictures of how he did it. He's really creative. He can also draw everything he thought of. He loves to draw anything.

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doanlegacy said...

Hi Sarah, I would love to see some of your son's creativeness...

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