Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dine Out

A friend of ours visited us last time and he brought us to the restaurant that is new to us. The place was cool and cozy especially in the evening. We cooked our own food and enjoy cooking while talking and sharing something. It's really a nice place for people who wanted to talk while doing something.

We love the place especially my kids. It's a safe place for them and somewhat like quite expensive when you see the place. But the food is delicious and with a reasonable price. There was also a swing for children to play while waiting for the parents to be done.

One thing we have noticed during the time when we ordered our food, they wrote it in a phone but quite bigger than a cellphone then send the order to the chef. I think it's an i-pod, because the place is quite big and the waiters will become weary and tired so easily when they go back and forth to the kitchen. That sounds great having that kind of gadget.
We ate a lot that night, but I don't like it much because I'm becoming bigger each day. Anyway, I'm on my way of doing another diet, lol!

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litlit said...

sounds it's a great place to hang out..God bless you all

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