Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scenic Sunday # 1

Scenic Sunday
This is my first time to join Scenic Sunday in this blog. Thank you Aisha for hosting Scenic Sunday.

A friend of mine gave this picture last week, when we met in Bangkok. A nice scene and I like it. I think, these are the houses of the people living in the border of Thailand and Mayanmar.

More Scenic Sunday photos here.


Bryan said...

Cute houses, but they look like they could just get up and walk away.

Ebie said...

Welcome to Scenic Sunday. It looks like its up on the hill.

kazu said...

How interesting houses.It's cute!

Have a nice weekend.

The Explorer said...

very cute...where is this?

Linnea W said...

Those are interesting houses. I bet they have nice views from that hillside. Welcome to Scenic Sunday...glad you're playing along.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to SS - They're really cute, but that's a steep hill they're built on.

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