Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Safe Travel

Yesterday was our trip back to Hatyai. We came to the Train Station around 1:30pm even though the train will leave at 3:15pm, because we are not sure of the place. A day before we decided to come early to the place called "Bangsue Station."

We took a taxi going to Bangsue Station and to our surprise, the place was sooooo hot! No malls around except for the 7-11 store. We went to 7-11 for a lot of times just to apeace our thirst. It was the hotest place we've ever known. Nevertheless, we had ample time to take more pictures to share too.

The train came at 3:20pm, at last, we were on the train. And we reach Hatyai the next day. We slept, ate and laughed inside the train. We had a good time although there were people that were not so friendly and skeptical toward foreigners like us but we were able to manage.

Thank God we had a safe travel, my sweetie had sleepless night because it's first time for us to travel by train. But everything was fine.

The sun setting down - I took this picture inside the train.


litlit said...

Lovely captured te sar....

litlit said...

Oh I didn't know that kuya doesn't sleep while riding the train. I slept like a time, I guess you'll be able to sleep.

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