Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Huge City - Bangkok

What can you say? This is Bangkok, we went there twice. In March 2007, when I celebrated my birthday, we were invited to attend a wedding. One of our friends got married on the same day when I celebrated my birthday. That was the first time that we visited Bangkok, Thailand.
We went for the second time last month to attend a retreat and renew our passports. We had been to different places with another friend and had gone so far, tired and feeling so hot everytime we went out of the house were staying. Maybe because it's summer time and so hot in that place. We were relieved when we went back to town.
However, we had not been to many places because we don't have enough to travel. When we plan to go to another place, we need to spend for the whole day of travel and looking at the place. So, we were not able to visit many places like Pratunnam and other places that sell cheaper things. Maybe next time, again, if we have another chance to go.

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