Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Teenager's 14th Birthday

Birthdays are celebrated anywhere, anytime with anybody around the globe. It's a day to behold for every celebrators/ celebrants.

Speaking of birthdays, last Saturday was my teenager's 14th birthday. His younger brother AJ, asked him a day before, of what is he going to do on his birthday. But the kuya said, "no, nothing, I just wanna eat pizza." And AJ was insisting and asked, "How about your friends?" And continued to say " You have many friends around, right"? But the kuya also insisted, "I wanna eat pizza, that's all!

So AJ had nothing to do, anyway. Before the dawn, we went to buy the buy 1 take 1 pizza promo. The kids enjoyed but I ate a little because I was having my diet, huh! But I was still tempted a bit, lol! My sweetie bought a vegetable salad for me, how sweet and I ate with half sliced pizza!

So we had fun eating while watching the movie. It's fun. To all who will be celebrating their birthdays this month, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Litlit said...

wow! Look so yummy,,,belated happy birthday to you, em! God bless you! Gift will be later..

wow! Te sar???? half of sliced of the pizza??? oh my!!!! I truly salute you! huh..Sure.... I can't do that! Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa so yummy, I'll always forget my diet..

nanay said...

Belated Happy Blessed Birthday to you Em. Surely you have grown up to be a handsome teenager. God bless you.

Budget Traveler said...

Wow Ate!! serious gyd ka sa imong diet ha? as in!! ako ani cge lng ug hisgot about diet but never doing it! hahahha!

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