Monday, June 29, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday # 2

Mellow Yellow Monday meme is here again. The host is so fantastic in making this meme. We can find a lot of yellow flowers anywhere and it's all great. Wherever we go my hubby is taking pictures,lol! Not only that, when he saw something yellow, hahaha! He would easily tell me, there's another yellow!!! See, my hubby was already attached to it. It's fun! I love it!
Last time, we went to do some exercises early morning. Just imagine running while taking pictures! We enjoy doing it and it's fun! Just click the link above and you will be surprised of the yello mellow posts.


Samantha said...

Love yellow, how beautiful !

Joanna said...

Aren't zinnias great flowers? So colourful.

Martha in PA said...


Mellow Yellow Monday

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