Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Day of School

Today is AJ's first day of school in Thailand. For the past few months we were thinking and praying for another avenue for him to learn considering that he has no extra activities after his homeschool. We are still waiting for their homeschool materials, so we thought while waiting they have to do something.
He slept early last night and woke early this morning. He was quite anxious and upset especially the Mama but everything was fine. He has no friends to play with early morning when we send him to school and when say goodbye, he was quite teary-eyed. We're happy that at least hes doing well when I visited him before lunch time. I just hope that he could adjust so easily and will enjoy other's company with a different culture, tradition and beliefs. It's not so easy but we have to accept it and pray for it.


Marie Reed said...

Hooray for AJ! It really is tough! My kids transfered from school in Germany to school in France and didn't have an easy time adjusting to the new language and culture. It took a while but they are very happy now!

chubskulit said...

Oh wow goodluck to your son Mommy Sarah..

Got you an award.

nanay said...

wow! its good AJ is going to school now. I hope he can adjusts very soon.

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