Friday, June 26, 2009

Toy Hunt # 1

I found this meme from When Mom Talks. It's fun and enjoyable. My 6-year old had a lot of toys. Some were left in the Phil. but we still have here for him to enjoy. These are some of his toys.

We got this one from one of the beaches. We usually go to the beach and relax for an hour or two. My hubby and AJ would go around and look for some things to enjoy. There were people who sold different kinds of things made of clay for children or even adults to paint. They will provide for everything you need like:

* paint brush

* coloring

* and you can choose what kind of design you like

The prices are reasonable, it's quite cheap and you will really enjoy painting. This was done by AJ with the help of hubby. It's good because he used it to keep or save his penny.

You can visit When Mom Talks and enjoy the different toy hunters.


JoyD said...

Hi Mommy SARAH,,, thank you for your post for TOY HUNT but unfortunately I decided to stop TOY HUNT 3 weeks ago,, due to my busy schedule ,, TOY HUNT had been around for almost a year now,, it was sad to end it it since it is generating a big buzz and Ive met wonderful moms thru TOY HUNT,, My kids love TOYs and I love sharing it to everyone,, here is the reason for TOY HUNT's closure
Again Thank you and I'll add you on my beautiful mind blogroll ,,, keep on visiting....

ezekiel13 said...

toy hunting is really difficult esp if you are specific with the quality, function and price. We're also looking on what's safe for our son and if he would learn from it. I can see that you are having fun being a parent! That's really the best part of it getting into play with our kids and their toys. :)

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